vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Norton Commando Roadster MK3

This is a Norton Commando Roadster Mk3 from 1975 I found in Belgium.
It was bought in the United States in the early nineties by a couple of friends who went to states and to make a tour by motorcycle.
After they bought it, it turned out that the Norton wasn’t the ideal motorcycle to make this journey because of all the luggage to carry.
They bought another bike to complete the trip but decided to take the Norton back to Belgium.
There it stood in a shed, occasionally started en maintained.

I found a couple of issues, which is normal since the bike wasn’t on the road for almost 25 years.

The inside of the tank was rusted.
The tires showed cracks in the rubber.
The inside of the brake units were full of rust.
The carbs couldn’t be properly adjusted (new ones ordered)
Too much play on the swing arm bushings
Leaking exhaust system.

So I fixed all that and gave it a good tune up.

The rims and spokes showed a little rust. I really like those aluminium rims so upgraded that.
Black tip exhaust were no good so I switched to the reverse cone silencers.
Put on an older type rear light.
Did a upgrade on the front brake system (the old system just doesn’t works that great)

I mounted the original turn signals.

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