vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Norton Commando Roadster MK3

This is a Norton Commando Roadster Mk3 from 1975 I found in Belgium.
It was bought in the United States in the early nineties by a couple of friends who went to states and to make a tour by motorcycle.
After they bought it, it turned out that the Norton wasn’t the ideal motorcycle to make this journey because of all the luggage to carry.
They bought another bike to complete the trip but decided to take the Norton back to Belgium.
There it stood in a shed, occasionally started en maintained.

I found a couple of issues, which is normal since the bike wasn’t on the road for almost 25 years.

The inside of the tank was rusted.
The tires showed cracks in the rubber.
The inside of the brake units were full of rust.
The carbs couldn’t be properly adjusted (new ones ordered)
Too much play on the swing arm bushings
Leaking exhaust system.

So I fixed all that and gave it a good tune up.

The rims and spokes showed a little rust. I really like those aluminium rims so upgraded that.
Black tip exhaust were no good so I switched to the reverse cone silencers.
Put on an older type rear light.
Did a upgrade on the front brake system (the old system just doesn’t works that great)

I mounted the original turn signals.

Also see my blog about the Norton Commando Interstate I restored in 2010 

vrijdag 29 juli 2016

BMW R60/2 BMW R60

Since a long time I was searching for a BMW R60/2
I really like the classic design of the Boxer engine.
This bike is known as the “Vollschwingen-Fahrwerk” model.
Because of the use of 2 swing arms (front and rear) and this series of motorcycles was made from 1955-1969
The series consisted of the following models:
R50, R50/2, R60, R60/2, R69, R50S and the R69S
The 50 and 60 models had low compression engines and the S models had High compression engines what made them a little more un-reliable.
That is why my choice fell on the R60/2
A Motorcycle that has more torque and horsepower than the R50 models but is very reliable.

I was lucky to buy this motorcycle from Gerrit how is a very enthusiastic motorcyclist with a beautiful website.
He bought this motorcycle in 2010
Click HERE for the Website from Gerrit Speek.

Though BMW invented and first used oil-damped telescopic motorcycle front forks in the 1930s, it chose to use Earles forks on these models. The triangular front Earles fork (named after its designer, Englishman Ernest Earles) precluded any front-end dive during heavy front braking, which is common with telescopic front forks. It also worked well in sidecar duty. (Vollschwingen-Fahrwerk) Though heavy and ponderous in turning, the Earles fork gave the old Beemer a steady and reassuring ride.

Really nice…this bike still haves the original tool kit and air pump.

I didn’t quit like the air filter being black and the “white” lead battery.
I painted the air filter aluminium and replaced the battery with a maintenance free Gel Battery 

At some point this BMW probably had a sidecar
It has a wide rear wheel rim 2.75Cx18 instead of the 2.15x18
The Speedometer has a “wegdrehzahl” from 1.44
This goes with a bevel gear ratio of 27/7

This bike now has a bevel gear ratio of 25/8 which is for a solo machine so this doesn’t work properly with the speedometer.
Instead of the 1.44 (Miles) or 0.9 (KM) it should be 1.2 (miles) or 0.75 (KM) 

A couple of years ago BMW Classic remanufactured some parts that where hard to come by.
There are still some of these parts available. Historic Parts Catalogue.pdf  

So I bought a correct speedometer for my bike and since I live in the Netherlands one with a scale in Kilometres.

Now after some 500 miles the bike has a couple of small issues that we are going to fix this winter.
-      One rear shock absorber is leaking
-      Little oil leak between the engine and the gearbox
-      Rubber of the drive shaft  is old and has cracks
-  What about these oil slingers???

What we did this winter (2016/2017)

BMW R50-69S LED Lighting

For now I have got a perfect and very reliable running bike.
Just some cosmetic work to be done.
Paintwork and the wheels need some work.
Perhaps next winter, I really like the “patina” look.

“Underneath” this bike is completely new.

zaterdag 9 juli 2016

BMW R 100 RS R100RS

This is a special edition from the BMW R100RS
Build in 1990 it was one of the last 2 valve’s with mono suspension.
Perfectly maintained with all the paperwork to go with it.
This would be a perfect bike for a build.

Some examples from what is possible:

 R100RS Luxe Tourer

R100RS Cafe Racer

Or R100RS Sports bike?

The front tire has little cracks, it is from week 35 2007 so almost 10 years old.

The wheels are not going to change so I will refurbish them as a have to change the front tire anyway.

The wheels will go to ACE13

New wheels and tire's

zaterdag 27 februari 2016


In 2012 I owned a BMW R1100S Boxercup
It was a special edition from BMW Dealer van Harten and had the number 57.
There was a special exhaust system on it from Stainetune, a Rapidbike module and a K&N air filter.
Also some cosmetic work was done.
If you click “here” you can read all about it.

I had some great fun with this bike and always regretted selling it.
2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to buy one with low mileage and of course took it.

BMW started racing in a special class and used a tuned R1100S for this purpose.
This Boxercup replica was only build in 2004, there was another Boxercup replica version in 2003 but that one looks different from the 2004 model and is called the Randy Mamola Boxercup replica.
There was some difference between the replica and the original R1100S model:
First of all of course the colour.
The BCR had twin Laser under-seat exhausts, braided brake lines, carbon-fibre cylinder head protectors, a carbon-fibre oil-catcher bellypan, uprated Öhlins suspension, and a shorter paralever torque arm which raised the rear end to quicken the steering and increase cornering clearance and a wider rim on the rear wheel.

Boxercup race bike

So how to tweak this replica a little bit?
First of all I got a Laser racing exhaust system which is still being made by Laser Exhaust Systems 
On the replica there is a street legal exhaust system and it is actually a two into one system.
This racing system, a two into two, sounds superb, with a deep and almost offensively loud exhaust note. Still availiable. laserexhausts

LaserExhaust system in total 7.0 Kg

Original BCR Laser exhaust 13.6 kg

To get some more air into the combustion chamber I installed a K&N air filter and a  Boxer Performance Carbon Inlet Duct. 


Boxer Performance Carbon Inlet Duct

Boxer Performance Carbon Inlet Duct

Now there is a nice flow through the engine so I will install a Stage 9 Chip into the ECU (specially made by John)

Unfortunately the Chip didn’t work for me.
The bike was still running to lean.
I made an appointment in Goes Tovami Dynojet
They installed a Rapidbike

As you can see in the chart the bike was indeed running way to lean for now 102 Hp and 107.3 NM but more important the air fuel ratio is perfect.

So this is how we start working on this bike:

It has driven only 30.000 km but since it is from 2004 I will give the bike a 40.000 km tune up including the change of the V-belt (60,000 km)
So change all the filters (incl. fuel)
Oil change (engine, gearbox, rear axle, brakes and clutch)
Motorex Boxer 4T SAE 15W50 / Motorex Gear Oil Penta LS 75W140
New sparkplugs (BRISK PREMIUM Sparking plugs)
Air filter (K&N) 
Adjust the valve clearance.
2 x new injectors as in R1200 Series, same flow, dynamically matched, multipoint criteria from TILLS

Cleaned up the front fork and put on a new full carbon front fender from allemblems.com with the use of all new stainless steel bolts and nuts.


Some pictures from the Web:


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