donderdag 19 januari 2012


After almost 3 years finally Arne decided to sell his motorcycle to me (thanks Arne)
It was from a friend of him that sadly passed away. He was the one that converted the BMW K100 RT into the K100 Turbo. He bought a turbo kit from RB Racing in 1994 and installed it on his bike.

The turbo kit came from RB-Racing, he also upgraded the bike with White Power suspension, front and rear and installed new brake disks and Brembo goldline calipers.

Sind’s it hasn’t been driven for a while I decided to change all fluids and while I am with it, to replace the Cam Chain. This one is “rattling” a quit common problem of the K100 with 45.000 miles on it.
This Turbo Kit has a air to air Intercooler.
The kit came also with a special exhaust and a "fith" injector to supply the extra amount of fuel to boost up the power from 90 SHP to 180 SHP.
Working on the drive shaft. ((Kardanwelle.pdf)
Changing the Cam Chain.
Setting the valves.
Changing the oil sight glass.
Little problem with the gear indicator.
Changing Cooling fluid.
Changing engine oil.
Changing brake fluid.
Changing gear oil.
Changing oil rear axle.
Changing fuel filter and fuel lines.
Changing sparkplugs NGK Iridium.
New seat cover.

Movie of BMW K100 TURBO

Luftmeister exhaust