zaterdag 11 januari 2014


Harley-Davidson Street Glide 2009 Black Pearl
Met het vernieuwde frame, 180 Achterband Link

True Dual Exhaust Headers
Jekill and Hyde Electronically Adjustable Exhaust System Link
PowerCommander V with selfadjusting Autotune AT100-B Link
Vance and Hines Throttle Control. Link
K &N High Flow Air filter. Link
JAGG Oil cooler System Link
Auxillary Lightning kit. Link
Harley Karmonn Radio CD Speler
Grotere 6 Gallon Fuel tank. Link
Valbeugels voor. 
Harley-Davidson Garmin Navigation. Link
Brembo Brakes and ABS.
Harley-Davidson Alarm System.
NGK Iridium Bougies
LED Smoked Achterlicht.
HID Xenon koplamp
Smoked turn signal lens kit.
Touring Stabilizer Link
J & M Flexpower Fairing Mount AM/FM Antenna. Link
Powercommander V with Autotune. Link
Medallion Gauges Metric Racing Black. Link
Mustang Solo Seat with removable backrest and solo passenger seat.

These are the "Racing Black" Medallion Gauges.
Instead of the silly Outside Air Temperature gauge there is now a usefull Oil Temperature Gauge In Celsius.
Indication off all 6 gear positions.
LED Backlightning and Illuminated Pointers.
Low Battery Light

To change the oil I use a tool that is called the Scavenger.
By using this tool you change ALL your engine oil.
When you change your oil there's still 24-32 ounces of dirty oil in the sump at the bottom of the engine and up around the cylinders of the engine or in your oil cooler.

The Scavenger pushes the dirty oil out of the bike by supplying fresh oil through the engine pump and re-routing the dirty oil so that there's no contamination of dirty oil and clean oil.
How this is done you can watch Here

Alloy Art Touring Stabilizer
While the newly redesigned '09-later H-D Touring frames are noticeably stiffer and stable than the previous iterations the inherent movement of the rubber-mounted motor may adversely affect the motorcycle's handling.
The stabilizer adds another anchor point to limit the movement of the motor/trans in relation to the swingarm.

I could definitely tell the difference in handling when riding two-up, going through sweeping turns and running in the mountains.

The increasingly stringent emissions regulations and noise regulations in the EU force manufacturers to drastic interventions in the engine management system. This includes an active suction control in the air filter housing and active sound management of the exhaust for Harley Davidson ® from 2006 to meet the provisions of the noise when driving. Driving, an exhaust is completely closed and diverted via the more subdued second exhaust with a flap. Proceed only with a silencer. This redirect can stand out with this connector. Replacement systems without a folding system this plug is essential, because otherwise error messages in the control unit. 
+ 1 HP and 8 NM more torque (to the performance chart)
      ·         Overrides operating controlling valves in the manifold
      ·         Increases the passage at the driving...more power!
      ·         Better sound (in the operation) not at idle!
      ·         Without prejudice to the orig. Exhaust ports
      ·         Assembly time: 2 minutes...
      ·         No action in the control unit or the fuel injection system required
                                                                   ·         Not visible during a vehicle check!

The Auto Tune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it while you ride. Each map that we offer has preset Air/Fuel ratio values included that we find to be the best overall settings. This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. For Harley Davidson models we ever monitor and adjust each cylinder individually for increased precision as on these models required fueling can vary significantly between the front and rear cylinder.

K&N's Aircharger® Performance Intake Kit will get more horsepower from your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. K&N's air intake for Touring Models gained an estimated 12.9 horsepower at the rear wheel and K&N's air intake for Softail Models gained an estimated 10.2 horsepower. This high flow Intake System increases power by eliminating the restrictive stock OE air cleaner and replacing it with a K&N high flow air filter and mandrel bent aluminum intake tube. This complete intake system will help relieve the labored feeling associated with two-up riding or loaded touring. K&N's high flow intake system gives your Harley-Davidson an aggressive appearance while providing a significant increase in airflow resulting in more power.

 Vance and Hines True Duals 
Dresser Duals head pipes give your motorcycle the traditional look, sound and performance you want. With 220° full-coverage heat shields conceiling its commanding 1-3/4” head pipes, you get blue proof, performance for miles and miles. In their newest form, the 09-2010 Dresser Duals eliminate the stock header, giving a clean, true dual function for the newer models. The new design eliminates the heat issues on the left side for the passenger and routes the hot exhaust gases below the footpeg to protect vital engine components from heat damage. - See more at:

Mustang Vintage Solo Seat


Test 2009 Touring modellen ANWB
Test 2009 Street Glide Baggers Magazine
Test 2009 Street Glide

 Just Klick on the Installation Guides:

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Manual 2009 Touring (Secure)